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Testing & Study Help/ACT Practice Tests


Resource Testing: We will test any student that has difficulty in learning, to see if they may need the Student Assistance Team or if they have a Learning Disability, then there may be further testing, referral to a MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) and an IEP meeting  to determine the student’s Individual Education Plan.

Grades 3-11 NWEA MAPS Tests Used to determine an individuals achievement in seven areas of study.  Comparisons are made locally and nationally with others in the same grade.  The Achievement test is given in the spring of the school year.

Grades K-12 STATE STANDARDS TESTING: The Nebraska State Standards implemented and utilized by all public schools identify what students are to know and be able to do in each content area at the bench marks of fourth, eighth, and eleventh grades.  These challenging and rigorous standards are intended to guide school districts and the coummumities they serve in setting high goals and expectations for all students.  Assessments taken by the students are scored and rated in one of four categories .  The categories are:  Beginning, Progressing, Proficient, and Advanced.  Twin River’s District Goal is to get all students into the proficent and advanced levels.

Elementary Testing: Along with state standards testing (Grades K-12) and achievement testing (Grades 3-11) the elementary students K-3 take DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) and 3-6 take GORT (The Gray Oral Reading  Test).

Grade 11 ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Testing:  Helps the student learn about his/her occupational aptitudes and abilities.  The test is given during the first semester.  Students from grades 11-12 may elect to take the ASVAB Test when the 10th graders take the test if they are planning on going into the Military. Provided for students at no cost, paid for by the school district.

Grade 11 PSAT-NMSQT (Personal Student Assessment Test/The National merit Scholarship Qualifying Test):  Helps familiarize  the student with college-entrance type examinations.  The test is also used for scholarship purposes and students receiving high final scores may become semi-finalists and finalists for a National Merit Scholarship.  The test is optional, and the student must pay for the test fee of about $12.00.

Grade 11/12 ACT (American College Testing Program): This test is for college-bound seniors and is used for entrance and placement purposes.  Results of this test are used in consideration for a number of scholarships. Most colleges in the Midwest require this test.  The fee for this is paid for by the student and will cost a minimum of $39.50

Grade 12 SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test): This test is used mostly on East and West Coast and certain other colleges for entrance and placement purposes.  The cost will be a minimum of $45.00.  Paid for by the student!


Study Help /ACT Practice Tests

The following links can help you complete assignments in your classes.

  • SchoolsintheUSA Check this website to see what advice college experts and students have to offer on study skills and learning how to learn.
  • Kaplan’s College Zone - ACT or SAT–A web site designed to help the student get ahead. Includes information on free seminars for college, and help with negotiating financial aid. You can order ACT or SAT practice tests also.
  • ACT Home Page - This page has eight links, such as ACT assessment, Discover, Workeys, Products & Services, and other ACT resources. It also contains a college search.
  • The Educational Testing Service Network - At this link, you can get starting points for students, parents, and educators. You can choose a test, practice test, or assignment guides. There is also a place to search for your testing site.
  • College Board Online - College Board Online contains great information about college exams, the SAT’s, ACT’s, and also Advanced Placement in college courses, find out if you are eligible to apply to AP courses! There are also tips about preparing for college.
  • TESTPREP.COM - Testprep.cOM is for any student planning on taking the SAT. This site gives an affordable and challenging SAT prep course.
  • College Admission Testing - In this file, you will find ACT and SAT information, financial aid, and tuition information. There are 23 sub-departments in admission and registration. There are also fun games that help you deal with financial problems.
  • Study Skills - This site will sharpen your study skills. This page talks about time management and expanding your memory using the SQ4R method and the PQ4R method. A very good site if you are trying to improve your study habits.
  • Study Habits & the Ten Traps This site contains over 50 sources linking high school students to sites containing information to help them in school work. These sites contain information to help them prepare for exams, ways of changing their study habits, and teaching them the ten traps of studying.
  • Study Strategies Homepage - This site contains over 100 sites to help students change their ways of studying. These sites are designed to make the student a more efficient studier and to learn techniques to make studying easier.
  • Learning Skills - This site also helps a person on the best strategies to use on getting the best of what they can do in school. The information on this site will help you do better on exams, quizzes, research papers, and regular studies.
  • Homework Help - This site provides students with homework help through an interactive tutorial style design. The four major curriculum areas emphasized are English, ESL, Science, and Math.

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