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General Information & Grading/Report Cards

General Information

The guidance department is a very important place for each of you. The guidance department provides many services, including counseling, career guidance, maintenance of school records, scheduling of classes, and testing.

Counseling: The guidance office is a good place to go when you need an “ear.” Confidentiality is the “number one” priority here, so you can feel free to come in and discuss whatever is on your mind. We all have problems, and it can often help to talk them over with someone who cares. Don≠t be afraid to seek counseling from your teachers, principal, or counselor.

Career Guidance: A wide range of career information is available in the guidance office. Whether you are planning to enter the job market immediately or planning to further your education, resources are here to help you get started. As you go through high school, take the time to explore as many career avenues as you possibly can. The resources in the guidance office will be helpful in this.

School Records: The guidance department houses your complete school records. Please keep in mind that these are your records. You are encouraged to have the counselor explain them to you. You may be surprised how much you can learn about yourself.

Scheduling of Classes: The guidance counselor helps you schedule your classes each year. Your counselor will attempt to help you select classes which will best meet your needs and prepare you for your future. Class selection is very important, and you should discuss it with your parents, teachers, and counselors.

Testing: The guidance department also coordinates the testing program in your school. Testing is a good way to gain a better understanding of you and your needs. Remember that it can also help you understand yourself, since you have access to all test results. Many of the tests are useful career planning tools, especially those which you take during your junior and senior years.


Grading and Report Cards

Grading systems will be established by individual classroom teachers and given to the students or posted in the classroom at the beginning of the year. Report cards will be mailed every quarter (9 weeks). Students and parents are strongly encouraged to directly contact individual teachers concerning their questions. A comprehensive assessment may be given at the end of each semester by each teacher. A teacher will have the option of assigning an incomplete for a class for a period of time to be determined by the teacher. A maximum of two weeks will be allowed for completing work unless special permission is given by the teacher, counselor, and principal.


School Grade School Letter Grade 4.0 Scale
95-100 A+/A 4.0
93-94 A- 3.67-3.99
90-92 B+ 3.33-3.66
87-89 B 3.00-3.32
85-86 B- 2.67-2.99
82-84 C+ 2.33-2.66
79-81 C 2.00-2.32
77-78 C- 1.67-1.99
74-76 D+ 1.33-1.66
72-73 D 1.00-1.32
70-71 D- 0.67-0.99
0-69 F 0.00-0.66


The matter of homework is left to the discretion of the individual teachers. While time will be allowed during the school day to get some of the work done, it is felt that a certain amount of homework for junior high and high school students aids in the preparation for academic excellence. Additionally, it is felt that homework helps to build responsibility, self-discipline, and self-confidence. 


HONOR ROLL WITH DISTINCTION: All students achieving an average of 93% and above with no grade below 86% in their sold courses will be eligible for this recognition.
HONOR ROLL: All students achieving an average of 90% and above with no grade below 80% in their solid courses will be eligible for this recognition.
Students must pass ALL core classes to be promoted to the next grade level. The two semester grades will be averaged together for a final yearly grade.
The classes of 2002, 2003, 2004 will use their previous school classes as graduation requirements. Beginning with the class of 2005, students will be required to take the following:

Subject Hours Credit Years
English 40 Hours 4 Years
Social Sciences 40 Hours 4 Years
Mathematics 30 Hours 3 Years
Natural Sciences 20 Hours 2 Years
Physical Education 10 Hours 1 Years
Electives 110 Hours  

MINIMUM TOTAL HOURS TO GRADUATE–250  (All Classes after 2005)